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Loris Magnani


5 Star Review

"You are prompt, responsible, and reasonably prices. Thank you for your excellent work."

William Baggs


5 Star Review

"Thank you for taking on my problem (a noise in the power train) on the spur of the moment. A walk in, if you want to call it that. Time was a problem, and you made it possible to finish the thins that I had to do that day."

Norris Armstrong


5 Star Review

"They only fix what needs fixing helping to keep car maintenance costs down."

Larry Cornelius


5 Star Review

"Thanks, Peter for taking the time to road test my van to try to diagnose an intermittent noise and then sharing your thoughts with me while we observed the underside of the van on a lift."

Mark Jensen


5 Star Review

"First time taking my car to Japanese Motor Works and it was the best experience I have had with a repair shop in a long time. Great communication with simple email summaries before and after performed repairs. Will definitely be back in the future."

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